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Elvio's - Chimichurri 8oz

Elvio's - Chimichurri 8oz

From the producer:
ELVIO’S CHIMICHURRI was born two generations ago, on the Argentine Pampas. Grandpa Ignacio went on cattle drives every spring with other gauchos who agreed everything tasted better with his rustic chimichurri. ELVIO inherited Ignacio’s recipe, improved it with a secret twist, and brought it to Los Angeles in 1974.

Chimichurri is synonymous with traditional Argentine culture. For us, chimi is communal, a permanent fixture on the dining table; shared between generations from all walks of life. It’s shared experience exudes energy & love, transforming even the simplest of meals into memorable experiences. After I moved from Los Angeles to New York City in 2005, my dad would ship his chimichurri, sometimes a dozen jars at a time. I’ve given jars as gifts to friends around the world for years; like us, they’ve become addicts. ELVIO makes his CHIMI out of love: love for his family, for good food, for his Argentine heritage. After much encouragement from our extended family and friends, I quit my corporate job, joined forces with my family, and am so happy to bring it from our table to yours.

Now pass the CHIMI ~