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Ambrosi ‘White Gold’ Parmesan - 1/4 lb.
$6.50 per 1/4 lb

Ambrosi ‘White Gold’ Parmesan - 1/4 lb.

Time-honored skills and traditions paired with the latest of technological advances serve as the platform for production of what is fast becoming an iconic cheese - White Gold™ Aged 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano from La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy. With only 20,000 wheels produced each year and a long waiting list of retailers and restaurants who want to carry the White Gold™, this Parmigiano Reggiano is becoming somewhat of a national sensation.

Double Super Gold Winner

Milk: Cow
Cheese Type: Hard
Cheese Care: Wrap and refrigerate for up to 60 days
Rinds: Edible if grilled on the BBQ or used in soups

Tasting Notes White Gold™ has a mild nutty taste that is smooth and uncomplicated, with a sweeter buttery finish, compared to any other aged Parmigiano. It preserves the 'Light White' color and compact less granular texture of a young cheese, while also having the intensity of aroma of a longer aged cheese.

A note about Umami: White Gold™ Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the foods with the strongest and most prevalent umami taste, which is one of the five basic tastes (corresponding to the flavor of glutamates). This is characteristic of broths, smoked fish and mushrooms, aside from Parmigiano Reggiano of course. Umami can be translated from Japanese as "pleasant savory taste". Typically, it inspires a long-lasting, mouthwatering and coating sensation on the tongue.