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Delitia Provolone Piccante - 1/4 lb
$4.00 per 1/4 lb

Delitia Provolone Piccante - 1/4 lb

Provolone Valpadana is a P.D.O. "pasta filata" cheese. Its origins are from Southern Italy although these days it is produced in many other regions of Italy. Presently, the main production areas are Veneto and Lombardy, particularly the province of Cremona. The cheese has various shapes, pear-shaped, sausage-shaped, melon-shaped... and because of that, the various names like Provolone, Pancetta, Gigante, Gigantino, Pancettone, Mandarino... All forms are tied with strong rope and hung to age. Provolone is produced with whole pasteurised cow milk only and it is available in two types: "Dolce" and "Piccante":
- PICCANTE (sharp) has a sharp taste; it is produced using kid and/or lamb rennet and it is aged for a minimum of 3 months up to over one year. Both "Dolce" and "Piccante" also come smoked.