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Dinavolino - Vino Bianco 2020

Dinavolino - Vino Bianco 2020

An "orange wine", which is a white wine fermented with the grape skins like a red, and it's one of our favorites.  Made by La Stoppa's winemaker, Giulio Armani, this blend comes from 28-year old vines grown in Giulio's beautiful calcareous soils. The wine unfolds with sage and orange peel on the nose, followed by stone fruits and a hint of toffee, ending with a fine balance of tannins, acidity and a hint of dried herbs.  The finish last for several minutes past the first sip! .....Natural wine co.

25% Malavasia di Candia Aromatica, 25% Marsanne, 25% Ortugo, 25% yet-unknown varietal

A combination of 37 and 10 year old vines planted to clay and limestone soils on a plot called Débé at an altitude between 350-450m. The grapes are hand-harvested in the first week of September and undergo intensive vineyard sorting for only matured grapes. All grapes are de-stemmed and macerated for 10 months in stainless steel with spontaneous fermentation lasting for 15 days without temperature control. Unfiltered.