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Fritz Muller - Sparkling Muller-Thurgau

Fresh, fruity, exhilarating.
The semi-sparkling "Fritz" is created from the traditional German Müller-Thurgau grape.
Winemaker Jürgen Hofmann from the Rhinehessian village of Appenheim has rediscovered the variety and invigorated it with effervescence.
Alone, as an aperitif, on the rocks, with Aperol as a "Fritz Spritz" or as the basis for your favorite cocktail, it tastes best at 46°F (8°C).

Wine description:
Light straw yellow with lovely green highlights. Fresh-fruity aromas of pear, apple and grapefruit. Mild and well balanced on the palate with exotic aromas and a delicate nutmeg tone. Sparklingly refreshing.

Total acidity: 7.0 g/l, Residual sugar: 11.2 g/l, Alcohol: 11.5 % vol.