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Girl Meets Dirt - Cherry Fig Leaf Preserve 7.75oz

Girl Meets Dirt - Cherry Fig Leaf Preserve 7.75oz

From the producer:
Named a 2021 Good Food Awards Finalist, this new and highly sought after addition to our lineup will be back as soon as cherry season is 🍒

We’ve lusted over cherries for years now, and just couldn’t find the capacity to fit them in. Until this year, we caved when offered a blend of perfectly ripe Washington Rainier and Lapin cherries from our partner farmer Dennis at Smallwood Farms. Just over the Cascade Mountain range on Highway 20 (that runs straight to the ferry in the other direction!), Dennis runs a bountiful operation supplying us with fruit that requires a bit more warmth than the island climate can provide: read apricots and peaches and cherries.

We’ve given these the Girl Meets Dirt touch and paired them with aromatic hand picked and island sourced fig leaves from one of our heirloom orchards - inspired by the most delicious Fig Leaf Creme Brulee Audra had one season at the local Inn at Ship Bay Restaurant (also the home to GMD the first two seasons and a supplier of thousands of pounds of heritage Bartlett Pears and Italian Plums). Needless to say, and we do suggest you try this out for yourself, the combination is mysterious and downright magical. The nose has notes of coconut and the palette finishes with cinnamon. But it’s all about Washington cherries front and forward. This shines dolloped on desserts of all kinds, but our heart lies in spooning it over a super ripe and creamy brie.