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Girl Meets Dirt - Orchard Apricot Preserve 7.75oz

Girl Meets Dirt - Orchard Apricot Preserve 7.75oz

From the producer: Apricot is one of those flavors we don't need to explain. Anyone who's had a luscious, toothsome spoonful of apricot jam knows the magic these beauties can do with your tastebuds. Apricots, however, aren't something we can easily grow in the islands - but they thrive in the warmer summers east of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. So we've partnered with a small family orchard that's been growing fruit in the Okanogan Valley right across Highway 20 for decades -- to bring you a classic -- apricot jam made in the French confiture style, made with the most delicious, naturally grown apricots that warm central Washington sun can provide. We pair them with organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon for balance, and their own kernels for nuance and a hint of almond flavor. We painstakingly crack open each pit to harvest the kernel, which we then gather in a sachet to infuse the jam. This jam is a beauty, don't miss it !

ingredients: Smallwood Farms apricots, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, apricot kernels.