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Girl Meets Dirt - Vanilla Plum Medley 7.75oz

Girl Meets Dirt - Vanilla Plum Medley 7.75oz

From the producer:
The newest addition to our lineup, we’re excited to have this exquisite vanilla bean flecked plum jam as our go-to for those die-hard sweet/tart raspberry jam fans out there- trust us- this is even better.

Featuring heirloom plums infused with exotic organic vanilla beans, a bit less sugar than our usual, this one leans on the tart side - perfect for pairing on toast, baked goods and dessert for a bit of nuanced pucker. Years ago we did a super small batch limited release of Vanilla Plum Medley and it was wildly popular. The tart skin of the plums play off the tropical notes from the vanilla and yield a spread-on-everything worthy jam. It's taken a few years for us to find the capacity and sources to expand on this one, but we're thrilled to finally make it work. The inaugural mix features old school Santa Rosa plums, heirloom Red Washingtons and heritage island Italian Plums. Some pretty sweet sugar plum fairies right there!