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Jean Bourdy - Cremant Du Jura Rose

Wines from Jean-Francois Bourdy’s small cellar in Arlay have been trickling into the world’s wine markets with increasing regularity over the past decade (though there is a history of these wines in the U.S. even before World War II), causing considerable waves, an American fan club having accumulated, with buzz centering understandably around the Bourdys’ huge assortment of vintages spanning well more than a century. Bourdy's whites and reds are aged for a minimum of four years in cask before release. Rosé cremant is rare in Jura. Bourdy's is made exclusively from the native Trousseau, a grape known for its acidity. As such, this rosé is zingy and bright, with sweet strawberry notes. Bourdy has been Demeter-certified biodynamic since 2006.