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Kari Kari - Garlic Chili Crisp 6oz

Kari Kari - Garlic Chili Crisp 6oz

"Meet your new favorite condiment. KariKari is for the flavor-curious who are looking to add a serious Ka-boom!!"

This locally made, DELICIOUS topping lives up to its promise of being "explosively good on everything!" Add a packed punch to any dish...if you want to wake up that sweet tooth, we even heard word that it's quite tasty spooned onto a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

6 oz. Jar: Serving Size 1 tsp (a little goes a long way!)

Their Story: We are a wife & husband duo obsessed with delicious food—one an expert-level food maker, and the other an expert-level food taster ;) Years ago, we found the O.G. (Laoganma) chili crisp and fell in love. We knew that we had to make our own version. It became an obsession. After methodical testing and revisions in our tiny Capitol Hill apartment, KariKari was born. We pushed the limits to create the crunchiest and tastiest condiment around.