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La Quercia - Nduja 4oz
La Quercia - Nduja 4oz

La Quercia - Nduja 4oz

From the producer:
'Nduja is what you want to have stashed in your fridge to turn up the flavor on anything you have on hand.  A delicious spreadable blend of La Quercia cured meats spiced with American red pepper, it marries rich umami to abundant heat.  Wonderfully flexible as an ingredient.  A dollop spices up pasta, cooked vegetables, pizza, roast chicken, eggs, or a big pot of beans.  Or go simple: spread it on bread or crackers for a tasty snack.

* Made with pork that is raised humanely on family farms without the use of antibiotics.

* Ingredients: pork, sea salt and spices

* No nitrites, nitrates or substitutes

* Eat with or without cooking.

* Shelf-stable, but we recommend refrigerating upon delivery or purchase to maintain quality.