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L'Arco - Rubeo 2016

Variety: Cabernet Franc, Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot

L’Arco takes its name from Arco di Giove, a stone arch that resides within the historic districts of the classic Valpolicella zones. The arch is more than what meets the eye; it is a symbol of the Fedrigo family whose farmhouse resided nearby. Luca Fedrigo focuses on keeping tradition alive in his Valpolicella wines while keeping things young at heart. He was fortunate enough during his teenage years to work under the Valpolicella master, Giuseppe Quintarelli, who in turn guided Luca’s current minimalist style. The wines go through a thoroughly classic ageing process and meticulous blending, representing classic Valpolicella.

“Rubeo” is Latin for “ruby,” a deliberate reference to the hue of Cabernet Franc, the star of the show in this blend. Bordeaux grapes, with their herbal and green peppercorn notes, are dried and blended with the rich and complex Amarone wine. Tannins from the Cabernet Franc make Rubeo a natural choice for cellaring, as does its four years ageing before release.