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Mama Lil's - Sweet Hot Peppas

Mama Lil's - Sweet Hot Peppas

Let the sweet heat of these precious pickled peppers hearten hors d'oeuvres entice omelettes and seduce sandwiches. (Un)dress your favorite salad with the sweet hot brine.

Mama Lil's Sweet Hot Pickled Peppers are the perfect mix of spicy and sweet! These sweet peppers are pickled in brine infused with savory garlic and our secret spice mix.

They have a sweet spicy kick that's hot enough for the hottest pepper fans, yet mild enough for those who have a generally more sensitive palate to spicy foods!

Yes, these peppers have heat, but a perfectly balanced heat that won't blow out your palate. A pickled pepper and food connoisseur's dream!

At Mama Lil's, only the best locally grown and freshest natural ingredients make it into our products. We get all of our produce from local farmers to create some of the world's tastiest gourmet food products!