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Marie's Bees - Creamed Cinnamon Honey 2oz

Marie's Bees - Creamed Cinnamon Honey 2oz

Cinnamon & Honey – Raw Creamed PNW Honey & Organic Cassia Cinnamon
What could possibly be better than pure, unfiltered, raw honey from the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Pairing our lovely, local honey with another natural flavor powerhouse: organic cinnamon. Both have multiple benefits filled with antioxidants, antibacterials and free-radical blasters but OH the flavor possibilities will dazzle your taste buds! You can start slow, stir it into teas or spread on toast to take the chill out of those misty northwest mornings, but this is a flavor explosion that demands experimentation! Dress up your apple pies and peach cobblers. Add to molasses cookies along with candied ginger. Whip our Cinnamon & Honey with organic butter and you have a spread for fresh, hot HONEST BISCUITS that is top hat and coattails above any other contender! Spice up your fall and winter evenings too. Cut 1 to 1 with water to create blissful cinnamon-honey syrup that will turn an ordinary cocktail into a warm, spicy taste sensation. Pure, raw Cinnamon & Honey from Marie’s Bees. Too many delightful possibilities to list!