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More Than Gourmet - Classic Seafood Stock 1.5oz

More Than Gourmet - Classic Seafood Stock 1.5oz

From the producer:
More Than Gourmet has been a supplier of authentic sauces and stocks for 25 years. Whether it be vegetables, stir fry, rice, or soups, adding flavor to your dishes has never been so easy—just a squeeze from a bottle or simmer a sauce and see the magic unfold. We make our sauces from ingredients that lead to healthy living. The Classic Seafood Stock, reduced to a glace, is a premium blend of the finest lobsters, shrimps, crabs and fish, adding sweet flavors to your sauces, stocks, and soups and making it the perfect choice for any recipe that would benefit from the addition of a seafood stock or shrimp stock. It also has a 6-month refrigerator life to satisfy all your cravings.