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Portland Wine Co. - Mother Shucker 2022

Portland Wine Co. - Mother Shucker 2022

Tank fermented with wild and tamed yeasts. Dry but not mean. Sourced from happy grape- vines and growers.

Plucked from the briny waters of the Pacific Ocean and borne to the crowded tables of The Northwest’s celebrated restaurants, this wine is inspired by the exalted oyster and dedicated to the Pacific Walrus – the foremost connoisseur of the shelled miracle.

The wine is a dry blend of three aromatic whites grown in the volcanic basalt and sedimen- tary marine soils of our valley. The nose conjures a mix of salt and sand and coastal flowers. The body more giving with texture and fruits coating the tongue. And in the finish we return to the sea where the salty winds whip past bringing cool misted air up to the low coast mountains. The perfect pairing for our treasured seafood and shellfish.

So let your tables groan under the weight of another chalky bushel. And reach for the walrus – the Mothershucker.