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OmNom - Advent Sundays 21.2oz

OmNom - Advent Sundays 21.2oz

Embrace Advent with our selection of handmade chocolate confectionery
The Icelandic winter can be long, bleak and cold. As islanders in the north, the warmth of a lit candle, the nearness of family and friends and a dash of hygge are what make the holiday season extra special. There’s something unique to us about Advent, a cosy and comforting get-together every Sunday leading up to the holidays.
Each Advent Sunday, we light a different candle — each imbued with specific symbolism — and let it brighten our day. We want to share that special moment and feeling with you.
We present to you a box of specially crafted handmade delicacies, one for each of the four Advent Sundays before Christmas. Each is a unique treat inspired by the Icelandic festive tradition.