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Sinatti Pasticcerie - Panforte Di Sienna Margherita 7.9 oz

Sinatti Pasticcerie - Panforte Di Sienna Margherita 7.9 oz

The recipe for Panforte, literally "Strong Bread" in English, dates back to the 13th Century. Panforte Margherita is one the most famous specialties of the Tuscan city of Siena. Panforte is a flat, dense, round confection very similar to a soft torrone. It is made by dissolving sugar with honey and a touch of flour, and then mixing in hazelnuts, almonds, chopped candied citron, chopped citrus peel and various spices. The mixture is then baked in a shallow round dish until firm and dry. Originally a Christmas pastry, Panforte is now enjoyed year-round by Italian cuisine enthusiasts around the world.
The Pasticcerie Sinati Panforte are wrapped in typical Sienese design wrapping and contain an envelope of powder sugar for dusting before serving. After dusting, cut the Panforte in small wedges and serve with coffee, or with a glass of sweet dessert wine.