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Pasta Natura - Gluten Free Fusili Pasta 8.81oz

Pasta Natura - Gluten Free Fusili Pasta 8.81oz

From the producer:
PASTA NATURA only uses naturally gluten-free flours from the farm-to-table organic cultivations of our agricultural business. It is suitable for celiac people and for anybody wishing to follow a gluten-free diet to have a healthier and more balanced nutrition. Our aim is to offer an artisanal product, healthy and tasty, perfect to be used in the preparation of delicious first courses and able to whet the appetite and satisfy everybody. The variety of the flavours of PASTA NATURA is really big so that you can vary the nutrients intake in your daily diet. Our pasta is entirely gluten-free as the barred spike on the packages shows. Try all PASTA NATURA’s flavours with your favourite recipes, you will discover a new unexpected world of delicacy.
PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Fusilli, with a helical shape that was traditionally obtained with a knitting needle. Thanks to this characteristic shape this pasta seems to dance with the sauce and to embrace it with love.