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Poderi Cellario - Il Baffone - Vino Bianco Frizzante

Poderi Cellario - Il Baffone - Vino Bianco Frizzante

Copy: (100-150 word count) It’s no secret that Poderi Cellario is among our favorite Italian producers around here. Since their wines first hit our shelves a year ago, we’ve fallen in love with them. Natural Piedmontese wines, often bottled in liters that scratch the itch for delicious Italian glou-glou? Sign us up. I was particularly excited to hear that they were making a new Pét Nat–who isn’t these days?–because I knew they’d nail it. Turns out, they sure did. They’re working with an essentially unknown local grape, Nascetta that Fausto & Cinza Cellario find to be particularly well-suited to skin contact. As such, they allow it that luxury for 5 days and to that add Moscatello Giano. No sulphur is used at all during the process.

The resulting wine is charmingly murky, not to mention pleasingly floral, coming both from skin-contact and the natural characteristics of the Moscatello. Like all Cellario wines it is simple yet impossible to put down. I simply haven’t had a more fun-to-drink bubbly in recent memory. Pair this one up simply with some fresh bread and sheep’s milk cheese of any age. You won’t regret it....Ashley Bryant