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Point Reyes Farmstead - Original Blue - Cow - Point Reyes, CA

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese launched in August of 2000 and is located north of Point Reyes on Tomales Bay. Their happy herd of Holsteins roam and graze on pasture during the winter and spring and then the grass is cut and fed to the cows during the hotter, drier months to maintain milk consistency. Still family-run by the Giacomini family, this is a true farmstead operation with a wonderful, growing collection of Californian artisanal cheeses. This blue is made from hormone-free cow’s milk with microbial rennet and Penicillium roqueforti blue culture. The texture is semi-firm with a rich, creamy consistency. The flavor has a citrus tanginess with nice complexity–from all that fresh grass the cows are eating–and a great salty-savory balance.