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Radikon - Slatnik 2019

Notes: In 1995 Stanko Radikon began using his grandfather’s method of vinification, which involved seven days of skin maceration and led to more colour and flavour making its way into the wine. After some refinement of the technique, today’s wines have three months of maceration, along with long periods of barrel and bottle ageing. Radikon also discovered that this long-term maceration led to a more robust wine, which also meant that by 2003 he could cut out the use of sulphites entirely.

Stanko passed away in 2016. He was a force of nature, an influence, a friend to countless people in our world. His legacy continues with the work of his family in the vines and an annual celebration of his life called Zivijo that occurs each December. Now run by his son Saša, who worked with his father for the past decade, the Radikon name continues to be held in high esteem. --Dynamic Vines

This 'Slatnik' is made with 80% Chardonnay and 20% Friulano. After taking off the grape stalks, the grapes are put in oak vats, where maceration is held without any temperature control or chemical yeasts adding for about ten days. After the racking, the wine rests in Slavonian oak casks (25 to 35 hl capacity) for about 15 months, where malolactic fermentation happens. Bottled in November with a little addition of sulfites. Then the wine is aged in bottle for at least five months before selling.