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Rancho Gordo - Frejol Negro Santanero 16oz

Rancho Gordo - Frejol Negro Santanero 16oz

From the producer:
In Oaxaca, it’s hard to avoid delicious, soupy black beans. It’s the best kind of over-exposure to have. If you’re visiting, you’re probably going to the markets and you may be surprised by the variety of black beans available. Local, Queretaro, Michigan Black, etc, but the most prized are the Santanero Delgado beans and thanks to the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project, we have a limited supply of these beloved legumes, previously only available through the Rancho Gordo Bean Club. The bean broth is so renowned that they’re also known as Siete Caldos, or Seven Broths.

If you are able, cook them simply and in a clay pot. After the beans are finished, you can make refried beans and smear them on top of a tostada. Add some queso fresco (or some other mild, white cheese), cabbage, and salsa. That’s a big night out in my book.

Of course, you also can use the beans as you would any black turtle bean and you’ll be a very happy person.

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