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Ritrovo - WuWanWo "Harmonius" Soy Sauce 250ml

Ritrovo - WuWanWo "Harmonius" Soy Sauce 250ml

WuWanWo means "forget me not", an apt name for a product with unique origins and unforgettable flavor. WuWanWo is a collaborative effort between Piranske Soline and Taiwanese soy sauce makers. They weave their centuries-old traditions together to create a soy sauce with a sweet, oceanic aroma and meaty taste.

This precious sauce is produced in Taiwan using only indigenous black soybeans, Piranske Soline sea salt, brown sugar and natural seasonings with no preservatives and all non-GMO ingredients. Its balanced yet complex flavor is achieved through natural fermentation in traditional terra cotta pots for 180 days. The sauce is simply extracted from the pots and bottled.

This soy sauce has a full, balanced, meaty flavor and is an excellent umami foundation for marinades and salad dressings. Elevates sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, or dumplings and other light dishes.