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Som Cane - Holiday Pack

Som Cane - Holiday Pack

Som (s-oh-m) is a zero proof cane vinegar cordial made from organic cane vinegar, cane sugar, and the addition of whole fruits, spices and botanicals that macerate in the vinegar to impart their unique flavor profiles. Som is concentrated and most beverage applications involve diluting with carbonated water or mixing into a cocktail.

Made from real ingredients, fresh fruit, high quality organic vinegar, and produced in small batches, made-by-hand, in Portland, Oregon. Each product is a perfect balance of sweet, tart and bold. Created by James Beard award winner Andy Ricker, the chef of Portland’s Pok Pok restaurant group. Som was originally crafted to supply his bar program with bold non-alcoholic drinks to compliment his Southeast Asian and Thai cuisine. Som's signature serve is the zero proof “Som & Soda” 1 part Som and 4 parts sparkling water, over ice in a Collins glass.

This Sampler Includes Flavors:
-Pineapple Szechuan Pepper
-Oregon Berry
-Tangerine Sea-Salt
-Thai Basil