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Stolpman Vineyards - Love You Bunches 2021


Varietal Blend
50% Pinot Gris
23% Orange Muscat
19% Semillion
8% Gewurztraminer

The Pinot Gris and Orange Muscat co-ferment provides a reddish orange tint wile the Gewurztraminer brings a pink peach tone. The Semillion adds a bright yellow tint to bring the final blend back to an orange hue. Pinot Gris lends savory rich layers while the Gewurztraminer brings ripe aromatic aromas  and feathery mid-palate stuffing. The tropical Orange Muscat becomes integrated into the Gewurztraminer while the Semillion brings the finish of the wine to a high acid crunch. Over-all the wine shows  firm, quenching citrus fruit with loads of mashable, mouth-filling tactile yumminess.

As we’ve expanded our carbonic So Fresh brand as to include deeper hues of red, we began to think about the other direction on the rainbow, how could we make an interesting, delicious wine a lighter hue than Love You Bunches Carbonic Sangiovese? The obvious answer was a carbonic orange wine that would combine the fresh purity of Love You Bunches with the titillating textures of a fleshy orange wine. Tasting each varietal each day, across the board, we pressed each varietal after 6 days of carbonic fermentation and let the wines finish fermenting in tank.

The pun “Love You Bunches” refers to the gentle treatment of each grape bunch so we don’t rupture grapes. The grapes then ferment whole, when yeast penetrate through the grape skins to ferment within. The term “carbonic” describes fermentation occurring in a sealed tank. The yeast have digest all available oxygen, creating carbon dioxide within.

Natural, bottled unfiltered, no sulfur added.